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The Board consists Advisors from different disciplines and professions. The members of the board are involved in several vital areas of developing UNI Arithmetic. They provide guidance and resources assistance in determining academic offerings and act as resource persons in moderating course curricula and academic achievements. They also provide general guidance and advice to the administration and to the teaching faculty in academic matters.


1. Mr. Arumugam
B.E (Hons )UM
MBA (Strat)

2. Mr. Uthayasoorian
B.A (Hons) UM
Dip. Computer Science

3. Mr. Kirupagaran
BSc. (Hons) Mathematics (UM)
MSc (Mathematics) (UM)

4. Ms. Vennila Verrappan
B.Edu.( Early Childhood Education) UM
M. Edu. (Early Childhood Education) UM

5. Ms. Uma Muthusamy
B.A (Hons) UKM
M.Sc (Env.Mgt) UKM

6. Mr. Sivakumar
B. Acct (Hons) UUM
MBA (Finance) UKM

7. Mr. Jayaseelan
B.Acct (Hons) UUM

8. Ms. Murugamah
B. Econs (Hons) UUM

9. Ms Navamani
B.Sc Ed. (Hons) UM

10. Joyce Ragavan
B.A (Hons) (Psychology) UKM